It's not finished until it's photographed!

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Your new tattoo is glorious and you deserve to be proud. Why not show it off to your friends and family on social media, or create an album?

Tattoos can be tricky to photograph though, and it's helpful to find someone who knows what they're doing to photograph it for you. Here are some hints and tips that will capture your new ink in all its glory, rather than just as a series of snapshots.

1) By all means, let your tattoo artist take a shot of your new tattoo for their portfolio. However, for the best results wait until it has healed fully. Red swollen skin is not very attractive!

2) Take the shots in daylight, indoors or out. Daylight is more balanced and softer than artificial light or flash and will give more pleasing results.  If you choose to shoot outdoors, then shoot on a cloudy day, or in the shade. Avoid bright sunlight which is also harsh. If you must shoot with flash then find a professional or good amateur photographer who knows what they're doing.

3) Plan the shoot and keep a few things in mind. Simple is usually best and the tattoo is the subject. Complex backgrounds and your bathroom do not make the best of images. Unless you have modeling experience look at the camera and keep a relaxed, straight face. Do you want a boudoir shoot? (it's probably better to avoid nudes).